Here is sweet baby Lincoln! He was the stubborn guy from your June 16th post!!

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Kristan Frericks

Still putting her arm by her head...

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Jessica Judd

We had a great experience at this studio. My favorite part was being able to bring Great Grandma (91-years-old and seeing her first ultrasound ever!), as well as Grandma, Grandpa, Dad and 4-year-old big brother. We had quite an audience ready to see our baby girl. During regular doctor ultrasounds our Doctor did not want anyone in the room except Dad, especially other children. Cameras and video cameras are also not allowed at regular Doc checkups. I loved capturing on camera Great Grandma watching her first Great Granddaughter moving around. Really, a moment so special that I am so thankful happened. Thank You Kelly & Anticipation Ultrasound Studio!

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Kristie Cromie

We loved our experience! On our first visit, our baby was delightful to see although very uncooperative, our technician tried her best within our time frame. Once she realized our baby wasn't going to show himself she rescheduled a makeup session. That session was PERFECT! Baby cooperated! The DVD was perfect to share with our out of town family. The office was comfortable. The staff was very accommodating. Is highly recommend this service.

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Chrissy Greenwalt-Mulenex

My husband and I are expecting our first baby in November and found out about Anticipation through an internet search. It was the greatest experience. Our baby girl was quite a stinker and was not in the mood to have her photo taken but our ultrasound tech (I believe her name was Kelly) was so patient with her. We had paid for the mini-session which was 15 minutes of an ultrasound plus pictures and a dvd of our ultrasound. Since we had a stubborn baby, the tech gave us well over 45 minutes and worked so hard to get some wonderful shots of her. We were so thankful and have some beautiful memories to share with all of our family and friends. We will be back when baby number two is on the way and would recommend Anticipation to anyone who's expecting.

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Ali Phillips

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