I had my ultrasound about 5 and a half weeks ago at 30 weeks. My baby was born early: 33w2d. Here's Greyson Dean! He's so precious!

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Megan Gaither

We came to see you in late march and Violet was born at 33 weeks on April 15! She just couldn't wait any longer!

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Jenni Parks

We came here with baby #1...they were awesome! And the heartbeat animal is so awesome, Bella loves listening to it. Trying to save up to go see Baby #2...

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Lori Hill Feldmann

The girls at anticipation ultrasound are extremely nice! We came in on a Saturday when I was 29 weeks to see our son and unfortunately the umbilical cord was in front of his face and he had his face up against the wall so we had a hard time getting a good look. Kelly did everything she could to make sure we could see him but it just wasn't happening which is completely out of her control. She offered us to come back the following Saturday for another mini session (15-20 minutes)to see if we had better luck. Came back and had Beth that time. Again the placenta was right there in front of his face but she tried and tried and we were able to get a better view! She spent I bet close to an hour so we wouldn't leave empty handed. We were so appreciative and grateful to have such excellent service! Highly recommend anticipation to anyone looking to get a sneak peak before the big birthday! Thanks again Kelly and Beth!

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Stephanie Jones Rust

Savannah smiles at Anticipation Ultrasound:) 2/14/15

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Rebecca Kathleen

Here is Grey! You did the 3d ultrasound in October, she arrived Dec 4, 2014

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Jayme Lowe

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